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DIY Crank Shaft Pulley
Step 1

The first thing I did was remove the hood as it makes it easy to work on the car and walk around the car. This is done by removing the 2-12mm bolts and then pulling off the hood. Don't forget to disconnect the washer line!

The next thing you want to do is remove the AC Belt.

This is done by using a 13mm wrench and loosening the retaining bolts. Then you unscrew the 13mm nut to loosen the tension on the belt and then finally remove the belt.
I use a really long 13mm socket to make this go by really fast! Otherwise you'll be there for an hour loosening it up.

The next step is to remove the AC compressor. There are two ways to do this. You can separate the A/C Compressor from the bracket and then remove the A/C bracket or you can try to remove the A/C compressor with the bracket attached.

I always try to do the latter as this is less work overall (3 bolts instead of 7). You first need to remove the A/C belt and the idler pulley. This gives you some room to work.

Before you loosen the two alternator belts, you will want to take a 10mm socket and just break free the 4 bolts on the waterpump pulley. They are a real pain to break free when the pulley spins freely!

In order to remove the A/C bracket, you need to be able to move the alternator out of the way. To do this, first remove the two belts on the alternator. You can't pull them completely out, but you can just let them drop off of the pulley. Now remove the top two 12mm bolts on the bracket. The real trick is getting to the lower 12mm bolt underneath the alternator. You only need to LOOSEN the bottom 12mm bolt. The bracket should be notched so you can just pull it up when the bolt is loose.

If you want to remove the compessor from the bracket, you need to remove the 4 bolts holding it on to the bracket. There is one bolt by the intake manifold that will not come out, so just unscrew the nut and then slide the compressor off of the bolt.

Now, you can just place the AC compressor on the windshield to get it out of the way.

ac_comp.jpg ac_comp2.jpg

If you haven't done so already, remove the AC Idler Pulley bracket. It takes up valuable space! If you bought a new AC Idler pulley, you can swap it on the bench.
You simply unscrew the bolt, pull off the old pulley and put on the new one!


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