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Rear Suspension Camber Shims

For some reason nobody has found or developed an adjustable bolt or link arm that can be used to adjust camber easily. Therefore the only solution we have is to use shims. If anyone knows of an adjustable bolt or arm, please email asap!

Installing rear camber shims can be done pretty quickly by an experienced mechanic. I would estimate that both sides could be done under 1 hour of labor. After the install an alignment will be necessary since changing camber also changes the rear toe.

The shims come in two widths 0.6mm and 0.3mm.
.3mm = .3 deg change
.6mm = .55 degrees change
.9mm = .9deg (one thin and one thick)
1.2mm = 1.1 deg (two thick)
It is hard to know what you will need until you actually get the car on a machine to spit out the numbers. Then you can install the correct shims and then get it realigned. Otherwise you are really just guessing and hoping you got it right before bringing the car in.
The first step is to remove the bolt for the top link arm and swing the arm out of the way. This makes access to the nuts much easier.

On my 2001 9-5, there are two nuts that hold the brake line bracket to the arm. These are on top of the four main nuts holding the hub to the trailing arm.

So you need to disconnect the ABS sensor and disconnect the rear brake line. You will have to bleed the rear brakes as air will get into the line when it is disconnected.

One thing you might want to try is to just remove the whole caliper and see if that allows you enough play to remove the bracket. I never tried this but it might work. Then you can save the step of needing to bleed the brakes.

Once the bracket is out of the way, you just need to loosen all four nuts and insert the shims.

The shims slide down in between the hub and the trailing arm.
Now torque the four main hub bolts, install the brake line bracket and tighten those nuts down.

Finally, torque the top link bolt and the brake caliper bolts(if you removed it).
You will need to get the car aligned after this procedure. Anytime you change camber shims this affects rear toe as well.

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