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Rear Suspension Bushings

Now that the trailing arm has new bushings its time to reinstall it on the car. One thing to consider is that all of the suspension bolts should be torqued down when under load. This is easier said than done, so I captured a photo on how the home mechanic can accomplish this task.

The first task is to reinstall the bracket onto the trailing arm bracket. Hopefully you took a picture of these before you removed the bolt!

You need to get the angle and bolt orientation correct. The bolt head should face the outside of the car. This bolt cannot be torqued under load and needs to be done right now.
Install the arm on the car with the three big bolts in the bracket. These should only be slightly tightened as the final torque will be done under load.

Only install the lower cross stay bolt. Leave the top one until last. Otherwise it is very difficult to access the four hub nuts. Also leave the sway bar bolt until last as well as it is easier to put the suspension under load without the sway bar lifting the other side of the car!

Next install the hub and the four main bolts. If you are installing some camber shims, now is the time to do it. They sit on the top two bolts of the hub.
The shims come in two widths 0.6mm and 0.3mm.
.3mm = .3 deg change
.6mm = .55 degrees change
.9mm = .9deg (one thin and one thick)
1.2mm = 1.1 deg (two thick)
Once the four main hub bolts are torqued down then install the brake line bracket and tighten those nuts down.

Now install the top link bolt, the shock bolt, and the brake caliper. You can fully torque both the shock bolt and caliper bolts right away.

Now torque the five suspension bolts under load. This includes the three main bolts at the bracket and the two cross stay bolts. To put the suspension under load, I used a floor jack and raised the rear of the car.

Once everything is torqued down you can release floor jack install the sway bar bolt and hook up the E-Brake cable. Hooking up the cable to the hub can be tricky. I ended up having to loosen the internal adjustment a couple of clicks to give the lever some additional play.

You will need to get the car aligned after this procedure. The trailing arm bracket controls the rear toe and is surely messed up now. Second, anytime you change camber shims this affects rear toe as well.

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