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You want to drain out the oil in the car. There is a 13mm bolt on the bottom of the oil pan.

While this is draining out, remove the side engine cover to gain access to the crank pulley side of the engine. There should be about 5 8mm screws and 1 10mm bolt.

Before you can drop the oil pan, you need to drop the exhaust down to make room. This will also help you gain access to some of the oil pan bolts. There are only 5 bolts to do this, but they are usually rusted and weakened from all of the heat cycles.

First, spray the 3 downpipe studs and the 2 bolts holding the cat up with some PB Blaster or some other kind of rust penetrating liquid. Some people like to let the bolts soak overnight, but I usually just wait about 5-10 minutes.

Before removing the bolts you need to disconnect the two O2 sensors. Otherwise you could pull the wires out of the plugs when the exhaust drops!

These are located near the intake manifold and brake fluid resevoir. I'm not sure if SAAB changed the order or location of these throughout the years. The best way to figure this out is to follow the O2 wires until you find the plugs.

To disconnect the plugs, you need to use a screwdriver and pull the release. Now you need to free the bottom of the plug from the holder and give them a ton of slack.

You may want to label the two plugs so you do not forget which is which.

The PB Blaster should have had enough time to setup, so now you can unbolt the 3 downpipe bolts off of the turbo. If you break them off, you can buy new studs and nuts from www.eeuroparts.com, they are 8.25mm x 2.5 inches long. The only trick is getting the broken stud out of the turbo. Hopefully your car is nice to you and leaves you enough material to get some vice grips on them! The worst case is that you have to buy some reverse threaded drill bits. Then you can use a drill and back out the studs with the drill bits.


If you remove the studs and the nuts together, then this is okay. You will just put them back in and they will be fine.

Now unbolt the two bolts holding on the bracket. To drop it down there are two rubber hangers behind the second cat. Slide the rubber hangers off of the mounts and the exhaust will drop.

Congratulations, you just completed the hardest part of the job! If you didn't break anything then you are looking pretty good!

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