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The SAAB service manual suggests replacement of the cabin filter every 12,000 miles or once a year.
This is a pretty easy procedure for the DIYer and can be done in about 30 minutes.

The filter can be bought from most online shops, I always use Eeuroparts.com because of their free shipping for orders over $39.

There are two types of filters available. The SAAB/GM and a third party/cheaper one. I've installed both and I recommend spending the extra money on the SAAB/GM one. It comes supplied with better foam surrounds than the cheaper alternative. The filter element is pretty much the same for both.

The filter is changed from inside the car.

Find the little cover under the glove box.
Use a small screwdriver to push in the center section of the locking tab about 2mm. If you push it too far, then you will break the tab.

The cover will pretty much fall off once all of the tabs are removed.
Remove the 4 Torx screws and pull off the lower knee cover. Be sure to pull it down rather than back.

Unclip the wires from the small light and move this out of the way.
Remove the glove box by removing the 3 upper screws and 3 lower screws. You do not need to empty the glove box as you can close the door once the screws are out!
Unplug the glove box light wires and A/C duct and move the glove box out of the way.
Now remove the cabin filter cover with a small 6mm socket or screwdriver and pull out the old filter.

There is a big plug in the way as you pull out the filter. You can unplug it and get it out of the way if you want.

This is where you will get your money's worth if you bought the official SAAB/GM filter. The foam is already cut out for you!

There should be foam on the top and bottom of the filter. The bottom part did not come with my new filter but I was able to remove this from the old filter.

The top part needs to be trimmed to go over two pipes inside the housing. I measured this by placing the foam piece inside the housing and used my fingers to hold the foam where I needed to cut. Now place the top foam piece on the pipes and slide the filter back into place.

If you disconnected the big plug, be sure to plug this back in!

The only thing left is to bolt everything back up again!

When reconnecting the wires to the lights, it really does not matter which one goes where.
  • Reinstall the cover
  • Replace the glove box
  • Replace the lower cover
  • Replace the side cover
  • In order to install the tabs back into the side cover, you need to pull out the center section a little bit. Then you stick the tab in the hole and push in the center section until it's flush.

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