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Jeff's Speeding Ticket Stories
Ticket 7

It's been a long time since I've had to add another ticket here. I've been really good at keeping my lead foot unleaded. I made it a year and 6 days without a ticket. This is a new record for me. Well, the clock just got reset, or did it? You can decide by the end.

Let me set the scene up. I just got my car back from ABJ's with a new 2.1 Liter, polished/ported cylinder head. Royce and I need to get our cars back to the body shop in Syracuse, NY to do some touch up work. 2 SAAB SPG's driving 4.5 hours and I haven't speed tested the car. What could go wrong???

Royce and I left the house at 7:00am. We had to do this because we were doing a red-eye trip. Drive to Syracuse, drop off cars, pick up rental truck and drive back. A total drive time of around 9-10 hours.

It all started very innocently, Royce was leading averaging 75 mph. No big deal for me, he was leading and we both have our Valentine 1's running.

Early on in the trip, a young punk in a 1990 Maxima was being a pain in the ass on the highway. Cutting people off, tailgating, and weaving in and out of traffic. He came flying up on the right side to try and cut in front of me to get to the left lane. I said nay, nay. I closed the gap between Royce and I and this started a small war.

To bad the punk didn't know that both SAABs were together and that both are faster than his crap box maxima. We held him up for about 2 miles and boy was he pissed. He couldn't move anywhere. If there was an opening to pass, Royce and I filled in the gaps. Of course, there was a big hole that required a high speed run to fill, so I played with him and out ran him. I finally decided that I had enough play time and let him go by. The funniest part of the game was when he swerved over 4 lanes after he finally passed me (because I slowed down), so he could make his exit!

After this incident we cruised down to our regular speed of 75 MPH. So far so good!

We get into NY state and we are still on schedule. It was 9:00am so the traffic was still thin. It was my turn to take the lead. I set my cruise on 75 and started to go.

During the drive, there is one spot that begs to be driven fast. A straight, long, section of highway that is on a hill so you can really accelerate down and then back up again. Everything was perfect. I came over this hill to see at least 1 mile of long stretched highway with very little traffic. I took a good look at the medians and I saw no cops. So VROOOOOOOOM. The speed test is on. The 2.1 Liter definitely needs something. At 125 MPH, she just couldn't go anymore. I see Royce about 1/4 mile back, but moving pretty good as well. I was coming to the end of the straight and was slowing down gradually. 115, 100, 85, Royce started gaining on me. At this point the straight was over and a small curve was coming. Royce was just about to pass me, when all hell breaks loose!!! First, I see the cop (SHIT!). Second, I hear the Valentine 1 go off with a laser alert (NOT GOOD!) Just as the laser alert goes off, Royce slams the brakes and ducks in behind me (Bastard). The cop pulls out...

There is no word to describe the emotion you feel when you are about to get pulled over by a cop. Especially when you know you were speeding when he nailed you! Royce and I both knew we were speeding. Royce was going a little faster than me, until the laser alert went off! We didn't know if the cop was going to pull both of us over or only one of us. Only time will tell!

The cop pulls out and starts the chase, he comes up behind Royce really fast. I'm glued to my rear view mirror. I probably could have hit a car in front of me and still not seen it! The cop pulls out to go around Royce and he pulls in behind me and lights them up. I can't believe this. I get nailed and not Royce. So, I pull over very swiftly and watch the Black SPG go off in the distance.

So is this a guaranteed speeding ticket or what?


At this point I need to think of something fast. My radar detector was already out of sight because I took it down when I saw him pull out. Think, Think, Think. I roll my window down and then shut the car off.

COP: "License and Registration"
I take my time getting the registration out of the glove box, so that I can get my thoughts in order.

JEFF: "How are you doing today?" With a smile!
COP: he responds with "fine."

JEFF: "Whacha get me for?"
COP: "83 MPH!"
I roll my eyes at him and he laughs.

COP: "Where are you going?"
JEFF: "Home. My second home that is, to see my mom. She's sick and we left really early this morning to try and get there."

This is where I mentioned Royce with the word we, the cop picked up on that one.

COP: "Your buddy in the other SAAB?"
JEFF: "Yeah, he's family and he's following me."
COP: "I couldn't get his speed because you were in the way! But, I believe he was going just as fast as you!"

I agree with him and smile. The cop looks into the car and says,

COP: "I'll tell you what. I'm only going to write you one ticket today and your answer will determine which ticket you get."
JEFF: "Okay...", playing along.

COP: "I know you were speeding. You know you were speeding. There is no argument there right?"
JEFF: "Yep!"

COP: "I also noticed that when I pulled you over, you were not wearing your seat belt. Is this correct?"
JEFF: thinking back to what the cop said about the 1 ticket thing, "YES officer, I was NOT wearing my seatbelt!"
COP: "I thought so! I'll be right back."

I'm thinking to myself, I can't believe I'm going to get out of this one. I call Royce and tell him to wait for me at the next rest stop. Luckily it was only 5 miles away and he was already there. I used a tone that made him think I was really in trouble!

I wasn't 100% sure if I was out of it or not. The cop could look at my record and then decide against the seat belt thing. While he was in the car I was thinking of some stuff to candy coat my story. I decided that I would tell him that going that fast was stupid and I was only risking my life. It also didn't help my mom by putting my life in jeopardy.

The cop comes back and hands me the ticket.

COP: Here's your ticket. You were not wearing your seat belt."
JEFF: "Thank you. I was stupid for driving that fast. It wouldn't be helping my mom at all if I got into an accident."

COP: "And whatever time you made up for speeding, you just lost it sitting here! You should call your buddy and tell him to wait for you at the rest stop."
JEFF: "I already called him. Thank you."

I drive the 5 miles to the rest stop and see Royce waiting for me. I have a huge shit eating grin and I tell him the story. For the first time in my life, I get a break with the cops. So I got a ticket, but not a moving violation. That keeps my record in good standing.

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