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Jeff's Speeding Ticket Stories
Ticket 6

After 11 full months without a ticket, they found me. YOU BASTARDS!

I was coming home from working on my car at my dad's house again. This seems to be where most of my troubles begin I was following this really slow car and it was really bothering me. I can't pass him and I can't tailgate him, I can only deal with it. After 2 miles of following this car, I decide to take another way home. Both choices are the same distance, but I figured I could get ahead of the person because they were driving slow and I could at least do the speed limit. When it came time for both roads to merge back again, I have the stop sign. I look up the hill and see the guy coming down. I know he's going really slow, so instead of fully stopping for stop sign. I accelerate through it and beat the car! YEAH, IT WORKED.

At this point in time, I didn't notice the police car sitting in the dark, right across the road. Well, needless to say, he saw me! He pulled me over pretty quickly and wrote me up. I took him to court to see if I could get it dropped, but no luck. Very soon after that I got a fan letter from the state. "You are hereby notified that your license has been suspended for 60 days starting 12/1/1999." My poor car. I just got it painted and now it has to sit out for another two months.

The reason I lost my license this time was because Massachusetts has a policy that states, if you get seven moving violations within a 3 year time, then you lose your license for 60 days. Because all of the other tickets happened so close to one another, even after 11 months of ticket free driving, I wasn't out of the 3 year window. Therefore this stop sign ticket put me over the edge. It also added to the cumulative total of eight moving violations. If I got four more moving violations in 3 years, then I would lose my license for 4 years.

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