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Jeff's Speeding Ticket Stories
Ticket 5 (Almost)

I've regained my license from the three month suspension. If I get a total of 12 moving violations in a five year period, then I will lose my license for 4 years.
In addition to running out of favors with my friends, I really do not want to lose my license for 4 years. It is at this point where I really start trying to slow down and start digging out the hole.

After cutting back my fast driving on the highways to avoid speeding tickets, I've been limited to having fun when I get on or off the highways. I usually take the onramps and off ramps as fast as I can. Once getting onto the highway, I then accelerate to about 80 then cruise back down to 70 and hit the cruise control.

This one day, I get stuck behind this Subaru wagon. He's taking the turn at half my posted speed limit. So when the highway comes, I swing into the middle lane and punch it. I make my way up to 85 and begin my deceleration to 70. At that time, I noticed a car coming behind me extremely fast. I then move into the right hand lane to let the car go by.

I've slowed down to about 72 by the time the car catches me. I turn my head to look at the car and it had slowed up right next to me. IT WAS A COP!!!

I'm thinking to myself, "F**K, F**K, F**K" The cop sits there for about 30 seconds. I look down and I'm doing 63 now. He must have saw me blast by the Subaru and then take off after that.

The cop then slows down and gets a look at my license plate. I thought for sure I was going to get a ticket. After another 30 seconds, the cop pulls back up to me. I look over, and he started to pull away from me. He takes off, never to be seen again. "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

In light of this event, I've now cut back on my high speed corners as well!
I think the cops have a low jack on my car. They seem to show up wherever I am.

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