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Jeff's Speeding Ticket Stories
Ticket 4

A year has now passed since that very first ticket. I have just gotten over losing my license, I just moved to a new town and the car was running good. What could go wrong!

At this point I have 5 moving violations. Three speeding tickets, a failure to keep right and a failure to signal. At six violations in three years, you are required to take a driving class. At seven violations in three years you lose it for 60 days.

My insurance rate caught up with me and it put me way into the risk pool. My insurance rate was higher than most teenagers just getting a license!

I had one mistake in the city and I got a quick ticket for running a stop sign. Whoops! That puts me to six violations. I ended up taking the class and learning all about why I'm a danger to everyone on the highway, including myself.

I gave up using my radar detector, because of all the false alarms going through the city. Besides, the last two tickets were from behind. They didn't even use radar on me.

So here I am. One more ticket from revoke again, but this time it will be for three months. I slept in one morning to try and get some sleep for the weekend. It was only 9:00am, but traffic is very nice at this time. So I'm cruising along the highway, not really paying attention to the posted 55 mph in this section. I'm following a black Mercedes that was moving faster than me. He was in the left land and I was in the middle lane. He got about 100 yards in front of me and kept moving. We go around a turn and "BRAKE", I noticed the speed trap.

In Mass. the speed traps are pretty good. The guy jumps out of his car, runs into the highway and points to me to pull over. "F**K, F**K, F**K", are the words that were coming out of my mouth. At this point I start thinking to myself. He already has 3 cars pulled over, the end of the highway is less than a mile away. What if I never stopped? Would he leave the 3 cars to chase me or let me go? I didn't feel like finding out, so I stopped. Maybe I can convince Royce to try it once! He doesn't have any tickets, so 1 or 2 wouldn't be to bad for him.

He comes over and asks for my license and registration. I asked him how fast I was going. He says, "74 in a 55". Son of a bitch...

He wasn't very friendly, I asked him how come he didn't pull over the black Mercedes that was moving faster and he scowled at me. I guess that ruined my chances of getting a written warning!

After numerous court date delays. I once again lost my license, but this time for two months.

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