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Jeff's Speeding Ticket Stories
Ticket 3

My third speeding ticket was a heart breaker. Not only because I got it on Valentine's Day, but because at this point I knew one more ticket would allow the state to take my license away for 30 days.

I was coming home from my dad's house again. I just did some work on the car that night. I didn't have a girlfriend to spend time with, so I spent time with the other love of my life. It was about 1:30am and I had the cruise control set to 75. It was about an hour drive back to my house, so I wanted to get there before I fell asleep on the road. So 75 seemed alright, not to fast, not to slow.

I noticed there was a car in my blind spot and I continued to look into my mirrors to see if it was a cop or not. I tried to determine if I should slow down or not and after about 5 minutes of this car staying in my blind spot, I figured it must be some Mass. idiot being a jerk. Well, another 5 minutes goes by and I'm getting ready to take my exit. I take off the cruise and get into the right hand lane, when "GOD DAMN IT!" It was a cop the whole time. He pulled me over right before the exit.

Being Valentine's day and all, I thought I may be able to sympathize with him having to work on this very special day! He makes his way to my car and asks for my license and registration. I asked him how his night was going and he said "great". I thought, "hey maybe I'll get out of this one." He said that I passed him doing 85 about 10 miles back. Well, I'm not sure about that I said. I had the cruise on 75 for awhile now. He proceeded to take my license and registration and walked back to his car.

As he was going back to his car, I tried to remember passing any cars. At 1:30am there aren't that many cars out. I figured if I did pass him, it must have been as I was coming onto the highway. There is a pretty good onramp that can be took at some incredibly high speeds. I usually accelerate to about 80-85 and then let the car slow down to 75 to hit the cruise. I figured this is where I must have passed him.

Now sometimes, they write up a ticket but they have no fines on them. So I still had a chance of him being nice and letting me go. He makes his way back to the car and says "Have a good night!" It was a speeding ticket for 80 in a 65. What a guy! He reduced it 5mph.

I knew at this point that I would be losing my license in the near future. That summer I lost it for the entire month of August. This was only the beginning!

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