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Jeff's Speeding Ticket Stories
Ticket 2

Speeding ticket #2 was a wrong place at the wrong time kind of ticket. I used to live in Syracuse, NY where the winters have much heavier snowfalls and people know how to drive through it. When it snow in Boston Massachusetts, all hell breaks lose. Especially the first snowfall of the year. 4x4's are flipped over, BMW owners use their hi-performance tires with traction control and everyone drives crazy. For winter with my SAAB, I don't mess around. I use 4 hakka snow tires. I use chose these tires mainly to help travel back to Syracuse to see my mom at Christmas time. Since they also are on the car during the whole winter in Boston, I can really move when it "snows" here.

Anyway, back to the ticket. We had a pretty heavy snowfall one day and I had been sitting in traffic for two hours trying to make my way past the accidents and what not. Massachusetts decided to lower the speed limit of the turnpike to 40 mph to keep us drivers safe from the bad road conditions. (It stopped snowing 3 hours before I left to go to work, and we only got 6 inches!)

After I broke out of the jam and got myself onto a better highway, I was much happier. The roads could be described as wet. Not slushy or dry, but just like a rainy day. I'm doing 75mph, much faster than the average Mass. driver of 50mph.

So of course, the cop car 1 mile behind me (he testified that he was 3/4 to 1 mile away), happens to see me in the left hand lane speeding by everyone. So he get within 5 cars length and follows me. (He testified that he was behind me for about 30 seconds). Now, I'm a pretty alert driver and I saw him coming up on me, so I get out of his way before he even made it 5 cars back. The cop then lights up and pulls me over.

The shoulder of the road was terrible, most of the snow hadn't been plowed there, so I was amused that the cop had to fight his way to my car. He gave me a ticket for 79 mph in a 65 and a failure to signal. What a bastard! He then told me that the roads were bad and to slow down.

In court, I tried to make my case that the roads were bad and there was no way I could have been going that fast to try and discredit the cops story. But, the cop lied and said the roads were fine. He also lied about how long he was behind me. Therefore, the result was not in my favor. It was reduced to a 70 in a 65, with a failure to signal. WHIPPE!

The key point here is that this ticket was two moving violations. The speeding ticket and the failure to signal. This is what causes all sorts of problems in the future.

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