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Jeff's Speeding Ticket Stories
Ticket 1

As the car has become faster, not only has the engine started breaking more, but more speeding tickets have come my way. To this date (sometime around 1999), I've gotten four speeding tickets and three minor moving violations. I've lost my license twice and my insurance for a 10 year old car is higher now than most peoples insurance for a brand new car.

My first speeding ticket was the best one yet. I was going home from my dad's house. I opted to take the little, twisty road back to the highway. I know this road very well and I was really moving this time. I was averaging 55MPH on this very narrow and very twisty road. Seeing how it was 11:30PM, there are usually there are no cars on this road. As I was coming around one curve I noticed some lights heading my way. I didn't have time to really slow down for the next turn, so I took it full speed. I passed the car sliding around this turn, which is when Royce realized it was a cop. I quickly got around the next turn, where Royce directs me into someone's driveway and we shut the lights off and use the emergency brake to stop. The cop flies by! Alright, we just lost the cops!

Meanwhile, the house I pulled into had about 20 teenagers throwing a party and saw the whole thing. Not thinking straight I get out of the car and start talking with them. They mentioned how the cops had already been there twice that night and that I should hide the car. So I move it further up into their driveway and continue to have fun with them. Of course, Royce wasn't thinking either. We just assumed the cop would not come back. So I decided to wait about 5 minutes and let my nerves settle.

About 10 minutes goes by and I'm talking with the teenagers when I see some headlights approaching. A cop car slowly moving up the road and I'm thinking to myself "OH SHIT!" Well, the cops find my car in the driveway and run my plate. Then they start yelling "Where's Jeff Cunningham?" At this point I knew I was busted and had to go face my calling. The cops split Royce and I up and started questioning each one of us. The first thing he did was read me my rights. I could tell that the cop was pissed that I lost him. He was checking all around my car looking at it, looking for something wrong. Luckily, I had just replaced allot of stuff, so it was in tip-top shape! The cop proceeded to tell me just how much trouble I was in. He named off about 6 different things, definitely enough to bring me into the slammer for the night. I then begged for a simple speeding ticket and a promise never to drive down that road again. He then asked me how fast I was going. I thought about it for awhile, but didn't know what to say. I finally said, "Well, I was in third gear so I could have been going anywhere from 30-80 mph. Since it was a turn where I passed you, I was probably doing about 60." After about 10 minutes of interrogations, he told me to go sit in my car.

We went back to the car and waited for the outcome. The teenagers were drinking right in front of their house watching the whole thing. They figured the cops were all set with me and didn't need to bother them anymore. Royce and I don't say a word to each other the whole time. We were both worried that the handcuffs were coming next.

The cop makes his way back to me and hands me a speeding ticket. It was a 60 in a 20 and then a failure to keep right. A $450 ticket. He told me that he just gave me the break of a lifetime and that I could have killed him and to think about what I did.

We drove away slow and easy, still shaking from the whole event. If only we could have remembered to TURN AROUND AND GO THE OTHER WAY! I'm sure we could have lost them. My dad's house was no more than 5 quick minutes away. Oh well

I didn't appeal the ticket, because I figured that the cop really gave me a huge break and didn't want to see him again anyways. So that was the start of me losing my drivers license that summer. What a car!

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