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STEP 4: Mounting the XM antenna and hiding the wire

I rate the difficulty of this step as easy. The antenna that comes with the Saab XM Commander kit is nice. Having had 4 different cars with XM Radios, I must say that this is the nicest antenna I have ever used. It is small, and low profile, but larger than many of the small XM antennas to help reduce dead zones. There are still some areas around New England that I consider "dark territory" however.

The first step is to place the antenna on the roof. It has a powerful magnet that will keep it in place even if you're driving 90MPH into the wind. I highly recommend washing and drying the roof to prevent paint scratches if you have to slide the antenna around to get it where you want it. It also helps to measure the roof to find dead center, although I keep seeing cars with their antennas all askew. Maybe it's cool...like the kids who wear their pants around their knees and their hats on sideways. I found center by eye-balling the antenna lined up with the center of the 3rd brake light. If you have OnStar, you can line it up with your shark fin antenna. My sedan has no OEM antennas on the roof. The antenna should be at least 12" up from the rear window to get good reception from all directions.

Run the wire back to the seal around the window and pull it somewhat taut. If it is too tight, it may pull itself free from the seal.

XM Wire leading to the window seal.

Using a credit card or your Blockbuster membership card, slowly push the wire down under the window seal. There is a lot of room under there for this wire, so be sure to push it down in far enough so that the window seal goes back against the metal of the car flat. Where the wire first enters the seal, you may want to put a bit of silicone to keep water out.

Run the wire all the way around the window to the bottom of the seal. When you get to the trunk hinge mechanism, choose how to get the wire into the car. I lifted the rubber trunk gasket, folded the antenna wire, and pushed the gasket over the wire. From there I tied up the excess wire and put it behind the carpeting in the trunk near the fuel door emergency release cable.

NOTE: For hatchbacks and station wagons, I recommend running the antenna wire straight back, under the hatch and then under the rubber hatch gasket. Store the excess wire under the headliner and run the wire down the side pillar to the XM receiver. A little creativity is definitely involved in this process.

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