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STEP 3: Running the lines

I rate the difficulty of this step as easy. Patience is a must, however, since you're pulling up plastic parts that can crack or break. The Saab 9-5 is very convenient for running wires from the front to the back of the car. Under the carpet along the door sills are plastic tunnels that can be opened to lay wires in.

The first step is to open the route up. For the XM install, you will be running the cable for the control/display unit and the wire for the FM modulator. Both of these wires have devices on one end, so you'll be running the lines from front to back.

I chose to string the wires on top of the tray that is screwed up under the glove box. This is held in place with 4 torx screws. To free this up easily, remove the heater core cover in the passenger foot well on the center console side. There are three pop-button fasteners that hold this cover on. To remove, press the center of the fastener in (don't push too far) and then pry the fastener out from the edges. When all three are removed, the cover comes right off. Also, remove the fastener that holds the carpet up just in front of where the cover was. Peel back the carpet a little, and you can feed the wires through the front of the dash, and up over the tray.

Here is the tray unscrewed. You don't need to remove it, just lower it to run the lines on top. You can see where the heater core cover was removed in the background.

At this point, you can button this part back up, or leave it open. I chose to leave it open until I was sure I had enough slack in the wires. Now the fun part...pull up the door sills. These pieces are clipped into the floor of the car and pop out with a medium amount of force. The rear sill has 3 clips, the front has 5 (4 on the floor and one going up the front toward the glove box). Pull up on one end and work your way to the other. Be careful not to snap the end off at the B-Pillar (where the seat belt housing is) as they both hook up under the plastic there. Once the sills are out, carefully peel back the carpet to reveal the wiring tunnels.

Door sill removed.

Carpet pulled back to reveal wiring tunnel. Un-clip the top to allow wiring to be exposed.

Run the two wires through the wiring tunnels to the back seat. You'll find that the wire for the control/display unit isn't long enough to reach. The Saab kit comes with an extension cable for this reason. Mate the two cables together and continue.

I used a small drain snake to work the cables up behind the stiff carpeting under the right-rear speaker housing. With some time and patience, I was able to work the wires out to where I had mounted the XM receiver. This carpeting is very stiff and molded to the car's shape. It can be cut if necessary, but you can use your own judgment.

Once you have the wires back to your XM receiver, button everything back up to hide your work.

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